We may not be the largest body shop, but we aim to offer a full range of services, all from a local and friendly business.

Spray Booth

spray boothWe use a Burntwood Commercial spray booth that is larger than a standard car spray booth to allow us to easily refinish vans and other larger vehicles. It utilises downdraught ventilation to help keep any dust particles away from the bodywork, reduces problems with overspray, and clinically scrubs particles that could spoil paint finishes from fresh air before it enters the booth.

The booth has full low bake capability to help make sure the new paint finish is tough and durable, and cures faster, allowing your vehicle to be returned sooner. Not only does this facility help with curing time, but it also helps maintain a constant temperature for spraying, which helps control paint finish quality (different temperatures can affect how paint flows, as well as sometimes adversely affecting how it matches existing paint colour). The booth can recycle up to 90% of heated air to improve efficiency, using less fuel, and only vents 10% to reduce any solvent fumes within.

Body Jig

body jig In some accidents, your vehicle's chassis and/or body can be pushed out of alignment. Our body jig allows us to accurately measure and check key areas against the manufacturer's specifications, and to then readjust it so your vehicle is safe to drive once more. It can also take the guesswork out of telling us whether or not your car can be safely repaired, as in some cases, it can be knocked too far out, and may either be unsafe, or too expensive to repair.

Other body shops without their own body jig either cannot repair your vehicle, or they have to sub-contract this repair out to a third party, and this can add at least an extra day to the repair schedule due to having to transport the vehicle to another body shop, and having to fit its repair in with their schedule.


Our welding equipment allows us to carry out spot welding for complete panel replacements, as well as small area repairs, MOT failures due to rust, and for full restorations.


 MG 0343We have three mechanical workshops on site who we work closely with, so we can offer a full range of servicing, mechanical repairs and MOTs, etc., to suit your needs.





We have free off-street parking and a storage area.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch!